Memorial Art
Incorporating cremation ashes into glass as a lasting memorial
A Short Story of Why!


Over the years I’ve had many people approach me about incorporating their loved one’s ashes into a marble.  It was always something I planned on doing but never had the impetus to work on the idea until my beloved Border Collie, Kelly, passed away at the age of 19.  Losing her ripped my heart in two, it was like losing a soul mate.  At that point I needed a very special way to remember her and hence the Memorial Marble was born.

Several months after her passing I was finally ready emotionally to work on the memorial piece that would embody her spirit and immortalize her memory.  During that process I felt her presence involved in every stage of the production.  The colors I picked for her piece were the colors I thought of when I thought of her.  She was definitely a red personally with some black and purple mystery.

Since that day in 2012, I’ve created numerous memorial marbles for customers over the years, along with, unfortunately, a few more from our immediate family (my Dad, our dog Darcy, and our cat Izzy).  It’s a difficult process because I want to get to know the customer’s love one through pictures and memories to ensure I capture a fitting tribute.  I know how emotionally difficult this process is for the customer and I try to be there to help them through so that in the end the piece they get is one that will give them a place to meditate and reflect.

I put a lot of thought into the piece before I even get to the torch.  Through the lampworking process I incorporate a small amount of the ashes into the glass so they are very subtle at the back of the design.  Details and pricing are available on the Etsy Online Shop. You can click on the button on the left which will take you to that listing on my Etsy Store.  Since Etsy does not allow anything with human remains to be sold through their site, please contact me directly if that's what you're looking for.
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Memorial Art Stand

The perfect compliment to the Memorial Marble is the Memorial Art Stand.  This solid lucite stand will be professionally etched with your pet's information. You can customize it to include name, nickname, trait, their DOB - DOD, the number of years old they were, or whatever information means the most to you. Also, select the font, either Arial (as shown), Arial Italic, or Script.​​

​The stand is solid lucite with a dimple at the top to securely display your Memorial Marble. The stand measures approximately 2" D x 2" W x 3" H. The etching is done on the back of the stand to give a nice 3D effect.

This option is also available to you on our Etsy sales site, click on the button link above.


"Thank you so much for creating the memorial marble.  It is amazing!! It's hard to put into words how I felt when I saw your creation.  It's something I'll always treasure and a very fitting tribute to the dog I loved.  I appreciate the time you took to learn about my pet and wanting to see pictures of her.  I felt you really cared and I appreciate the time you spent to create a one of a kind, treasured keepsake."

- Ron


"I got Olive's marble and it is lovely. It very much represents her and her big personality. Thank you for your thoughtfulness and caring in making her memorial."

- Jennifer

Thena and Gail

"The two marbles I ordered to memorialize my first two kitties are gorgeous. He really captured their essences, and the colors are breathtaking. If I had to lose Thena and Gail, at least I have these to remember them by."

- Cat


"Losing our beautiful orange tabby, Sean, was very hard for my husband and me. We're still deep in grief, but the marble made by Scott did, as Scott said, help in the healing process. It is absolutely gorgeous, just like our little guy was. Scott tried to make the orange part appear hair-like and did a great job with that interpretation. He included a gold strand for one of Sean's favorite toys, a gold string, and he included green for Sean's eyes. Finally, he included a little bit of white to tie it in with the marbles of our other two kitties he's memorialized. The three together are stunning. Losing a pet is agonizing, but as long as Scott is there at least we know that our kitties will have tributes as beautiful as their souls were."

- Cat