About the Artist

Scott Thompson
Striving for Excellence
Growing up in Southern California I was surrounded by glass items that my mother had collected over the years including crystal sun-catchers, paperweights and various other glass creations.  I would spend hours gazing into these wondrous items imagining other worlds and magical possibilities.  That’s probably why visual micro-environments have always been my fascination.  

My journey into lampworking started in the year 2000 with a hothead torch, a fiber blanket and some locally purchased Moretti glass.  I am mainly self-taught, studying books, articles and multi media.  I have taken classes at several studios and from some famous glass artists over the years.  My focus now is borosilicate (hard glass) marbles, wine stoppers, paperweights and pendants.

By background education is in Geology, “Silicic Volcanics” in particular.  Silicic (glass) and Volcanics (fire)… guess I was always destined to be a glass artist!  I’ve always earned a living doing some form of artistic endeavor whether it was graphic media, pen and ink, photography, lapidary, or 3D landscape renderings.  I have also taught Geology, Computer Illustration, Physical Geography and Astronomy for various community colleges.
Art, in my opinion, is an expression of your soul and the ultimate achievement in art is to leave a piece of yourself behind in this plane of existence.  Glass is truly a medium that will be around for present and future generations to enjoy.  With this thought in mind, I’m constantly striving to create new and exciting glass designs and develop new techniques to wow my customers.

I have come a long way in my glass artistry, but like anything we pursue with passion there’s always so much more to learn.  It brings to mind a quote from Albert Einstein, “As the circle of light increases, so does the circumference of darkness around it.”  I hope to always be increasing my circle of light.

The Studio
Our studio is located at the base of the Goldfield and Superstition Mountains in the Sonoran desert east of Phoenix.  We're just a half mile from the Tonto National Forest and a 15 minute drive to Canyon Lake.  What better backdrop to inspire an artist.  Not only do we have the beautiful vistas, but also the amazing wildlife.  Coyotes, bobcats, lots of rabbits, quail and roadrunners frequent our property while hawks, turkey vultures and owls soar above us and of course the occasional snake and tarantula.  We love our desert oasis and live here with our many dogs, cats, parrot and aquariums.
This is truly the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.